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  • 24th February 2017 at 4:37pm

Sat in a surgery working with and interpreter who was working to support my engagement and the EU client accessing services

Unless you walk a mile in my shoes, you will not understand the terrain..
The ups and downs, ups of what seems right,
            suddenly a fall from a great heights
Services … So different
People …  Faces … expressions and voices confuse
           ‘write it down’….
Well I can’t read or write, can’t tell the time – figures and letters you produce have little meaning to me…
           DOB? … Age?
A personal fact no doubt you think I should know,
           I know you think that I should know
I have a heart… I have a smile… I am a person with a desire to learn…
          It’s hard when you don’t understand
I have a passion to protect and be there for my family
          I respect my roots, and am making new shoots…
I am a good parent, but my style and experience mean I am different to you and yours
         Who says who is right or wrong?
All I want is to be accepted, a chance to be values and have a worth
         able to contribute,
I can dance, I can clean, and can learn
         Please give me a chance
I’d like to walk a little while in your shoes -