• By
    Black Asian Minority Ethnic Anglican (Sheffield Diocese)
  • 20th February 2017 at 3:14pm

A Prayer

Eternal Father, Light of the World, Shine into Our Hearts.
Shine into our World, deliver Us from the Powers of Darkness,
Be Our support; give Wisdom to all in Authority
Direct every nation in the ways of Equality, Social Justice and Peace
We pray for those places where there are Conflicts, Wars and those in Need
We pray for those in our communities who are Vulnerable, those who are Anxious, Lonely and Afraid.
Have mercy upon Us, and give Us Strength and Love to be a Light to Others within our communities and Those around the World.
Thank You for this day and We celebrate it as it is given by You
We ask for Your Holy presence to be at work in all areas of Our world,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.