• By
    Bira Yasin
  • 17th February 2017 at 8:36pm

Faded future

Faded future

Imagine a teenage with no hope or who has nothing to lose
But still kind and cheerful and no one to loathe 

It's fact the life as migrant is hard even dark
You may get abused, racially insulted then it leaves in your heart a mark

Everyone has a reason to leave their country apart from treason 
Some prosecuted  unfairly ended up in prison 
When we flee our country our sole thoughts were only to scape the execution 
We are running for our lives from the dictator it's not a trip of excursion

We forced to leave our beloved fatherland 
A place we called for centuries our homeland
Your homeland is your homeland whether it's highland or lowland
Gratitude for welcoming us but you have to know that we are not after your land

We have tried to fight back only to see our luck betraying us
Why we have to suffer, oh the agony, is the nature is against us
Let us live together as humankind, never let the hatred divide us

I look up at the heaven asking is there a better tomorrow 
What is in store for us, a misery or bitter sorrow?
I spent 6 in cold, 4 in desert, 10 in solo, it's hard to swallow 
Let the Almighty guide us and show us the right way to follow